[Introduction] Display Android Studio Hello World on the emulator


I would like to build a project in Android Studio and see Hello World as it appears on the emulator. I will try it as an operation check after installing Android Studio.

Environment and prerequisites

The installation method is here Click here for Japanese localization (https://qiita.com/kepin/items/213562dafea8c96e4fdf) Please refer to.

Project creation

First, create a project.

First, start Android Studio. When a window like the one below opens, press Start New Android Studio Project. 2020-05-29 (23).png

Android Studio comes with several templates, including maps. I chose this one this time because the empty activity is the simplest and easiest to implement. Click Next. 2020-05-29 (24).png

Enter each of the following. ――Name: This time, I chose Hello World. The package name is automatically entered at the same time as you enter it. --Package name: This time, the automatically entered one will be used as it is. --Language: I chose Java, which has many reference articles on the net. --Minimum SDK: It seems that the specifications are such that apps cannot be installed on OSs older than the minimum SDK. First of all, select the latest API 29 (Android 10.0). If you choose API 28 or lower, it will be easier to understand if you try after confirming the operation. 2020-05-29 (25).png

A window like the one below has opened. 2020-05-29 (27).png

The project creation is complete.

Create an AVD

Open Tools / AVD Manager. 2020-05-29 (28).png

Open Create Virtual Device. 2020-05-29 (29).png

Decide on virtual hardware. I searched online and chose the Pixel 3a, which seemed to be popular. There is no problem with other things. 2020-05-29 (30).png

Download and select the system image. I'm confused because there are various things, but ...

--Since API29 was selected with the minimum SDK, select from API29 or higher (there are only 29). ――It seems that many 64-bit terminals are currently in circulation, so I will select x86_64. It should work fine on x86 as well. ――First of all, select Google Play. For this purpose, APIs are fine.

For details of the difference, the article here was easy to understand. Then, click Download in the target release name column. At the same time, the download will start. 2020-05-29 (31).png

Wait for a while until it is downloaded. 2020-05-29 (32).png

Click Finish. 2020-05-29 (33).png

You will be returned to this screen. Select the downloaded image and proceed to the next. 2020-05-29 (34).png

Enter the AVD name. It is troublesome to confuse when making multiple AVDs, so do not do anything extra and proceed with the default. 2020-05-29 (35).png

AVD creation is complete. Close the window. 2020-05-29 (36).png


Click the triangle mark in the red frame to start the build. At this time, check that the AVD name created above is displayed next to it. 2020-05-29 (37).png

When the build starts, the red frame shows that the build is in progress. Wait until the display disappears. The first build is quite long. 2020-05-29 (38).png

When the Android emulator starts in a separate window and Hello World is displayed, the operation check is complete. 2020-05-29 (39).png

at the end

I have confirmed that Hello World is displayed on the emulator.

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