[Java] Get the day of the specific day of the week

As a memorandum

It's easy to use LocalDate.

LocalDate now = LocalDate.now();    // 2020-06-23: Tuesday

//this Friday
LocalDate thisFriday = now.with(DayOfWeek.FRIDAY);    // 2020-06-26

//Last wednesday
LocalDate lastWednesDay = now.minusWeeks(1).with(DayOfWeek.WEDNESDAY);    // 2020-06-17

//Next thursday
LocalDate nextThursDay = now.plusWeeks(1).with(DayOfWeek.THURSDAY);    // 2020-07-02

//Bonus: Convert to LocalDateTime
LocalDateTime from = lastWednesDay.atTime(00, 00, 00);    // 2020-06-17 00:00:00


Date and Time API Tips for Japanese (ja) [Java] Get the dates of the past Monday and Sunday in order @ kazokclily

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