[Java] My learning record

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My learning record

From April to July, I had the opportunity to study myself.
As a third year system engineer, I chose a learning theme that is unique to home study. I tried to keep the following points in mind.

·programming(coding)Is not the whole project
・ Programming is a part of the skill, not the whole
・ What is useful for expanding the range of work or improving work efficiency, but what is missing from me now?

I actually learned the following themes. The OS is Windows 10 Home. (Github)

Learning about programming" around "skills

――What kind of person is a good engineer?
Thoughts required for excellent SE
Let’s go to the technical conference
How to work and improve your career
The story of the engineer’s career and how to work within the organization
–“Human skills” as an engineer
Human Skills
Questioning power
Personal power
Tips for improving writing skills for system engineers
Business Email Problem Collection
–Cognitive Psychology for Engineers
Software Engineer Cognitive Psychology
Scientific method that does not fail programming learning
–Project management related
Web project management to start from now on
Project management mechanism and process design
Process Design
–IT service management
IT Service Management
Information Security
–Business administration as an engineer
Engineer’s Business Administration
――How to deal with English as an engineer
IT English
English mail
–How to write markdown

Learning about the" flow "of a project

–IT planning and requirement definition (so-called “upstream process”)
IT Planning-Requirement Definition
Introduction to requirements definition to learn fastest
–Learning about design
Introduction to external design that can be understood quickly
Introduction to internal design that can be understood quickly
Screen transition diagram
ER diagram
Function definition
Table design / Database design
–Learning about web design
Introduction to Web Design
–Learning about software testing
Software test
Unit test method
Java library that can be used in the field
–Learning about log collection
Log collection / analysis infrastructure construction

Learning about" computer science "

–Learning about logic circuits and computer structures
Logic circuit
Computer structure
–Learning about artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Mathematics

Learning about" business automation "

–Learning about Excel VBA
(ExcelVBA) Basics
(ExcelVBA) Road to Experts
(ExcelVBA) File Output
–Learning about Google Apps Script

Learning about" techniques you want to acquire when you can do more than a certain amount of Java "

–Learning about Go language
–Learning about Docker
Development by Docker & Kubernetes
–Learning about Scala
–Learning about Groovy

Learning about" JavaScript framework "

–Learning about jQuery and Ajax
jQuery learning (quick learning)
jQuery learning (details)
–Learning about VueJS and Firebase
Vue.js learning (quick learning)
Vue.js learning (details)
–Learning about TypeScript
How to use interface
Mechanism of Generics
How to use the decorator
Applied usage of TypeScript
Make a health management app
–Learning about AngularJS
–Learning about Angular
–Learning about ReactJS
iTunes Music Search App

Learning about" Java-related skill improvement "

–Learning about algorithms
Java Algorithm
–Learning about collection framework
Collection Framework
–Learning about interfaces, lambda expressions, and streams
Interface, lambda expression, stream
–Learning about cryptography
Cryptography with Java
–How to handle dates and internationalization
How to handle dates
Reading / Internationalizing Property Files
–Database access / CSV output
Access MySQL with Spring Boot / CSV output
–Learning about exception handling
Exception handling

In the future, I will try to implement a large-scale application by myself, aiming for qualification or connecting these learning contents with a line (of course, there are still many technologies that are missing and need to be acquired). I’m thinking of doing something like (I want to be able to increase the number of stars on Github). In addition, we are considering furthering our expertise at the IT professional graduate school.