Portfolio 1

This portfolio is not developed only for environment construction. I built the environment using (aws, nginx, ruby, docker, mysql).


Portfolio 2

I made a portfolio posting site.

The URL is here

https://github.com/tmk616window/review00 https://review0.herokuapp.com/


First of all, I will explain why I decided to make this. When I thought about creating a portfolio for hiring an intern, I was worried that "I don't know what to make. I don't know how much to make." I often saw people with such troubles on Twitter and in the comment section of youtube. In that case, I decided to put something in my portfolio that would be an indicator of what to make and how much to make.


The goal is for those who have decided to hire engineers to post articles, and for those who are inexperienced to refer to them and set indicators for creating portfolios.


Now, let me explain the actual function.

top page


This is the top page. Those who are hired evaluate their portfolio in 6 items and quantify it to make it easier to understand.

Details page

2020-07-10 (7).png

Click on the post you are interested in to go to the details page. The detail page has more detailed portfolio information. The like button was implemented in ajax. I implemented it so that the number of likes also changes in real time.


2020-07-10 (2).png

Click the "Consult" button on the details page to move to the details page On the consultation page, we have created something that allows you to consult in real time in slack format. I made it here so that you can ask questions such as what you are interested in on the detail page. The entered message will be notified to the other party's My Page I used action cable.

My page

2020-07-10 (3).png

In the chat message above, you will be notified of the message that another user sent on the consultation page. The image on my page was connected to s3 on aws, but I disconnected it because it was too expensive. The code itself remains, so please refer to it. When you enter another user's My Page, a follow button will appear below the image and you can follow it.

event list

2020-07-10 (5).png

I had some time, so I added a function in the sub. The image was connected to s3 on aws, but I disconnected it because it was too expensive. The code itself remains, so please refer to it. Click the event you are interested in to jump to the details page.

Event details page

2020-07-10 (6).png

Jump to the details page. Click the event application button below to jump to the application page and apply. When the application is completed, you will be notified at the event message on the other party's My Page.

This is the end of the portfolio description.

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