progate java L1 basic summary console.log, difference between variables and constants, if statement

console.log Use with console.log (); Display in parentheses on the console As a caveat, if you want to display the character string, enclose the character string in "" like console.log ("").

○ console.log ("aiueo") ⇨ displayed as aiueo × console.log (aiueo) ⇨ reference error occurs

Declaration of values Variable let and constant const

When declaring a value, declare it with let or const

let numberA = 1; const numberB = 2;

There is a difference between the two, let can be updated but const cannot be updated

Update value

Variables can update their values let numberA = 1; At this point number A is 1,

numberA = 10; Now number A is 10 instead of

if statement

if (condition) {processing} ← do not add a semicolon {Processing} is executed when (condition) is satisfied

Example condition a> = b a is over a <b a is below b

Use else if to add more conditions else if (condition) {processing} ← do not add a semicolon

Use else to process when the condition is not met If all the if and else if conditions are not met, the else process is executed. else {processing}

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progate java L1 basic summary console.log, difference between variables and constants, if statement
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