Rails CRUD function implementation ② (edited and detailed this time)

Continuing from the previous , I will describe the edits and details. Procedure when adding a function Review: routes.rb → Add controller → Add view

Editing function The procedure is similar to a new post. Edit screen display (edit) → Update with input contents (update)


resources :birds, only: [:index, :new, :create, :destroy, :edit]


Paste the link to the edit screen on the list screen. Prefix passes the id with "edit_bird" and it is a GET method, so it will be as follows.


<%=link_to "Edit", edit_bird_path(bird.id), method: :get %>

Get the record that matches the passed id and pass it to the edit screen.


def edit
  @bird = Bird.find(params[:id])

And the edit screen.


<%=form_with(model:@bird, local:true) do |form|%>
  <%=form.text_field :name, placeholder: "Bird name"%>
  <%=form.text_field :pic, placeholder: "Bird photo URL"%>
  <%= form.submit "update"%>

The link to the edit screen is displayed properly. image.png

If you click it, it will transition properly! image.png

Update process from here! First of all, routes.rb!


resources :birds, only: [:index, :new, :create, :destroy, :edit, :update]

The controller receives the input contents and updates the DB! Use bird_param created in the new post!


  def update
    bird = Bird.find(params[:id])
  def bird_param
    # params.require(:Model name).permit(:Column name,:Column name,......)
    params.require(:bird).permit(:name, :pic)




It has been properly changed to Kingfisher 2!

Detailed display function It's finally the last feature! let's do our best! !!


resources :birds, only: [:index, :new, :create, :destroy, :edit, :update, :show]

It's okay, but since all the functions have been added, you don't need to write only! Let's erase it!


  resources :birds

It was pretty refreshing! !!

Paste the link to the details screen on the list screen! When you run the rails routes command image.png The prefix is bird, the method is GET, and let's do the id too!


<%= link_to 'Details', bird_path(bird.id), method: :get %>

Then the controller receives the id and gets the record!


def show
    @bird = Bird.find(params[:id])

Finally, show.html.erb!


<%= @bird.name %>
<div style=
"background-image: url(<%= @bird.pic %>); 
 background-position: center center;
 background-size: cover;
 width: 300px; 
 height: 300px;
 margin-bottom: 10px;


The one you have selected is displayed.

Summary Rails will automatically identify the link destination if you pass a model, and if you understand the rules of the framework, you can create a basic site at explosive speed. This time, we will implement the login function, so please look forward to it! Thank you until the end! !!

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