[Java] Records at DMM WEB CAMP (from inexperience to employment)

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I graduated from DMM WEB CAMP this time and I was able to decide a job, so I will write a record of learning.

What made you decide to post

Read the article below

[Graduates] What I want to tell people who are wondering whether to attend DMM WEB CAMP https://qiita.com/yuki82511988/items/37be28f2486e166fd48f

I also decided to write it because I thought that it would be useful for those who are going to do programming from now on and who are thinking of going to school.

about me

I will introduce myself briefly.

Currently 26 years old I will be 27 years old this year. I am from Nagano prefecture and moved to DMM WEB CAMP to change jobs.

Before going to DMM WEB CAMP I only acquired MOS and word processor grade 1 when I was at a vocational school, and never touched the terminal or github. Typing is a little faster and you can use Microsoft products a little! The level. I did a little bit Progate (free version) or bought a teaching material called SkillHuck a little about six months before I entered the school. By the way, regarding the teaching material called SkillHuck, I was not good at learning videos at that time, and while watching the video, I became sleepy and quit doing a few chapters. I did something unreasonable. So I have an image of programming, but I don’t know the kind or what I can do, so I can use the P tag to output characters, right? I only know about it. Lol

Even in high school, I wasn’t smart at all, and I was a desperate and serious person. It’s a little black history now lol It is a career as a commercial high school (approaching less than the normal deviation level for repeated years) -> vocational school (anyone can enter) -> medical device agency sales.

From vocational school, I studied hard to get a qualification and became a person with the highest grade in the class. I was working hard since I was an adult, and I became a work person because I liked it. I wanted to be an engineer because I wanted to try something that I had a longing for, wanted to make, and was interested in life.


I was a bit confused, but first of all, as a prerequisite, I focused on the places where I could attend school and started to select a school. I didn’t have the habit of studying by myself, and I thought I would probably skip it if it was online or free. Furthermore, if you move to a single life without moving to work, it will cost you a lot of money. On the contrary, I feel that if I invest here, I will not think of sabotage, giving up or running away.

There are two options ・DMMWEBCAMP ・Tech camp (certain)

While the content of the curriculum is similar for job change assurance, what kind of judgment did you decide to use DMM?

・Long learning period (up to 4 months) ・Cashback can be obtained by taking a 4-month course (60% of tuition) ・Learn Python or Cloud for a 4 month course

I thought that employment support seems to be great everywhere, so I chose these three.

I thought there were many benefits, especially for areas where the study period was long. I thought that if the period was long, I would be able to study various languages on my own while receiving support, and raise the level of the portfolio required for job hunting. I want to learn as much money as I have and hope to find a job in the best possible condition.

Enter here from here.

About the content of learning at #DMMWEBCAMP

Study period March 2020-June 2020

Prior learning

First of all, the online learning materials that will be used in the future will be distributed one month in advance. I could do only a little.

The same is true for moving, Since my previous job was sales, a farewell party was held once every two days. Lol It’s almost like a hangover every day. Moreover, there is no self-study habit. The curriculum started two days before admission. ..

March 2020 (enrollment)

When I peeked into the computer of the next person in the first guidance, I was really rushed to see that it was far ahead of me. Well, even though I’m still HTML chapter 2, this person is already doing Ruby…

I think this is dangerous, and serious learning starts from here. The lessons learned were HTML, CSS, GitHub, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery. Basically, if you don’t understand the curriculum by yourself, you will ask questions, so there is no lecture or time. It is a style that you can study for any time during the classroom use time from 11:00 to 22:00.

I went to school almost every day and studied from 14:00 to 22:00 with a break.

There are three issues that need to be submitted, and up to the second, it was a level of ability that was close to the deadline, but Regarding the third, I was able to finish a little earlier than the deadline.

All the mentors were good people and they helped me immediately, so it was hard to say that I ended it with my own power.

I knew that I didn’t have the power to solve it at that time, so if I didn’t understand it, I immediately became a senior, became a friend, and asked mentors. I asked questions 10 times when there were many lol

I’m not used to it and I don’t understand the essence at all Even if I get an error and check the error, I don’t understand the meaning of the sentence.

Therefore, it is overwhelmingly quicker to understand and deeper if you rely on it, and it is not embarrassing at all, I think that it will grow.

Well, I’m not that smart at first

For the rest of the time, with the JavaScript curriculum Review Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Ruby with Progate, I spent the time teaching a friend who was in trouble about the new knowledge. .. I really recommend Progate after finishing the curriculum Ruby on Rails will be a special review, so please register for the paid version and try it.

2020/ April (second month)

4/1 ~ 4/10 Applied Issues

You will be given 10 application tasks. There is no particular quota. I was able to finish it with 6 pieces, and the 7th piece stumbled and the time runs out.

There is a clear difference in understanding and learning here.

If you come to the 1st month without doing a lot of reviewing and not knowing what you are doing, you will be able to complete 3 applied tasks. And I also feel that the delay here will lead to the future as it is.

So I have to find out what I am obscuring in the first month, If you don’t have a thorough understanding as you study and ask the mentor, you will really make a difference. I don’t think there is any time to take off.

4/11 ~ 4/30 Team development

A group of 4 people will create an EC site. At that time, I was clearly aware that I wasn’t good at creating actions, so I was able to say something good and tackle things that were quite difficult. The first team development was fun, and I was able to understand the meaning of Git’s branch properly, and I was able to grow because there were so many things that I got less conscious of creata. The people around me were at a higher level, so I was able to work on it while being stimulated and taught.

The team will try to antagonize the overall level, so I was very kind of above the middle level at the time, and I was very grateful for a team who could do better than myself.

If you are late in the first month I wrote Basically, I think that you will not be able to experience implementing difficult functions. As a matter of course, there is a deadline, so the reality is that the team members cannot be entrusted with it. It’s relatively busy. It’s the same feeling as if you’re a newcomer at a company or someone who can’t do a lot of work, don’t make it difficult.

So even here, the difference in ability will come out at once. It seems that those who can do it will be able to do more and more, and those who cannot do it will progress without much growth.

If you are going to enroll in the future, I think it is better to do your best in the first month and prior learning.

May 2020 (3rd month) Portfolio creation

Here, we will create a portfolio based on the idea that I thought about myself. Designing, testing, and deploying by one person (you can ask the mentor)

I had a lack of ideas, so I decided to create an SNS for motorcycle users. Not only the SNS function, but also the function that allows you to host events and gather people.

If you would like to see the portfolio, I will show it including Github. Lol

As a function

  • -SNS– ・Login ・Post image (multiple posts using array) ・Comments, likes (asynchronous) ・Follow (asynchronous) ・DM (asynchronous) ・Comments, likes and follow notifications ・Obtain the number of views ・Comment sentiment analysis using API ・Slide show with image display ・Hashtag search

  • -Event– ・Event creation ・Comment, participation action (asynchronous) ・Notification of participation and comments ・Google Map display of the venue (using API and JavaScript) ・Calendar that allows you to check at a glance the events that you are attending or hosted ・A gem for displaying prefectures
  • -Other– ・Search function to select items ・380 items in Rspec test ・Responsive support for mobile phones
  • Guest login function that allows you to see the entire function without registering as a member ・Https conversion ・Implement header menu with js or Jquery with animation

Is it like this? There are about 15 tables. I think I did a lot of work on the royal road. Lol

Not all can be implemented in just one month, and some features will be implemented in the next month.

If you want to give your reflection, you said you made a mistake in the theme. After all, it seems that there are a lot of people who create SNS among people who are job hunting, and it seems that it is difficult to differentiate at the moment. I think that people who can make something that surprises their idea power will attract attention It feels so, so if you are going to make it from now on, please devise a little.

4th month AI learning

To be honest, I ended up not knowing anything at all lol The curriculum was completed in about two weeks, so after that I had some ideas for job hunting I dare to update my portfolio.

Reason for repeated portfolio updates

Of course, I was not satisfied, but Since it was written in the documents, I think it’s better for companies to focus on this rather than study elsewhere. I was updating because I thought. If you’re not interested in portfolios, you can’t see GitHub in the first place. That is the idea. Responsive correspondence and Rspec test were done at this timing.

I will explain later how this led to job hunting.

Completion and job hunting

First of all, I will talk with the career advisor in charge. Listen to the wishes of companies that I would like to join, It is a flow to get recommendations in line with it.

At this time, I am correcting the documents, I am grateful for the correction here.

After that, we will wait for notification that the documents have been selected.

There were two companies that passed my documents in a month. I was a little sad because I had more friends, but that is inevitable. Age, experience, look at portfolio content I wondered if this was the result of a comprehensive assessment of that. Because of the effects of the coronavirus, it was difficult to find a job.Therefore, we received a job offer from one company who interviewed, and the other company was not finalized, but we declined, I was able to revolve now.

Companies that have been hired

I was told that you had a look at the portfolio during the interview. He especially praised Rspec and judged that he had a high level of skill. I also accepted the offer because I had an environment that seemed to lead to my own growth, and the impression of the interviewer who was doing WEB, in-house and SES, was very good. I feel that it was not the wrong choice to keep updating the portfolio at that time.

Thoughts about job hunting

I regret that I was very passive because I did not find a job. Since it was the adoption situation under this coronavirus, I felt that it was better to apply from myself.

Of course, I was grateful for the interview with the company that hired me, but I am grateful. If you have few choices, you will only be able to judge things. Should I really decide here? However, even if I can not find a job, I will be troubled during the consent period.

So by trying to make more choices, I can see my market value clearly, and I think that I can do job hunting without any regrets.

What you should do during job hunting (subjective)

Do you often interview for other portfolios? Is asked. By the interviewer, the portfolio was semi-compulsory created by the school, Some people think that it is not something that was made by their own will.

This is difficult, really lol

I’m making what I want to make, but I was told to make it curriculum, so it seems like I made it lol

So I think that if you have another framework with another framework or Rails, you can appreciate your attitude toward programming. (Even if you continue learning, you can get an evaluation, but this one is probably more impressive) I used to review Java, SQL and Ruby in July, In the first place, the state of learning is not transmitted to companies unless you can see GitHub. In that case, I think you should put two portfolios on your resume. Or raise the level of one portfolio to the limit. There aren’t many people doing that. I have the impression that there are many people who submit quite often and quit updating.

However, in my case there was a Java test in the selection, so what I learned was not wasted at all so it was good.

When learning a new language, I think that it will be highly evaluated only after making an application using a framework, so I think that I should have been able to do that anyway.

And of course, at least I have to study programming or anything else. (Although I wasn’t learning, there were some who were offered a job offer lol)

However, don’t be too particular about the language you study. I thought about this after hearing various opinions from friends of infrastructure engineers and IT-related friends. We often see people who are called influencers say that it is better to do that regarding the language, or that this is outdated, but we are inexperienced in the first place and we do not even know the actual development site. Yeah. But I don’t think I’m honest about why I’m sticking to the language, Moreover, I am studying Java and PHP by myself, but they are quite similar. If you don’t have to worry too much about it, but probably if you have a good foundation for any language, I felt that those who are called actual engineers could acquire a new language without much trouble. There are many connections, and understanding Java and doing Ruby often happen, so if you haven’t got a job yet, don’t worry about the language you study and study flexibly. I think that there are things that can be seen in.

I wonder if I should study by myself while doing something that I find interesting. Learn a language that feels like you like it. My friends often say.

It’s more fun to do anything for the time being, and I don’t think a company wants a newcomer who is too obsessed. I think that it is more important for an inexperienced person to be able to do what they see in front of them.

Even if you talk about your career plan in too much detail, from the other side, you’ll feel like “what a person who doesn’t know the experience, industry, or field is saying.” On the contrary, does it mean that if you ask for something that doesn’t make sense to you? Somehow I feel like I have to deal with it.

Excuse me. It’s all my subjectivity.

However, at the time of the interview, I did not provide any specific career plan. I told him that I felt that it would be the first time I could see it after telling an abstract thing and trying hard to do what is in front of me and increasing what I can do, ``That’s right, because I actually experienced the industry I don’t know that because I haven’t done that.” I feel that I’m not thinking wrong.

People who are not suitable for DMMWEBCAMP

Not very motivated Blame others I cannot objectively judge my ability Pretend

I don’t really recommend it to anyone who falls into any of these categories. Although they will support you in learning, the basics will be done by yourself, so people who do not pretend to be motivated or motivated will be left behind. I can’t really correct my mental or personality.

The mentor will support you even when you are job hunting until the documents are passed, Whether or not surface joining is an evaluation of yourself. For those who can’t save themselves because their mentors blame them for dropping or not finding a job I don’t really recommend it. I can’t pass the documents because I don’t have the ability, and I have an interview problem because I have a problem with my humanity, way of thinking, or communication. People who do not try to change themselves like that will probably not be able to find a job for a long time.


It has become very long. Lol There were so many good things about getting into DMM that I didn’t regret it at all.

I was able to learn from each other, support each other, and have friends who would like to make something together after graduation, The mentor helped me with deep-level self-analysis, learning, and general employment support. Before I knew the habit of studying programming by myself, What made me finish the curriculum while I like programming, I like programming (I do it every day), Above all, I was able to get a job.

I would be happy if it could be a hint for those who are currently considering it. Even though I had such a delicate spec, I made an effort to change jobs! Lol

I’m really thankful to you. I will get a job and do my best!