[Java] Rigorous SIer SE tried to make a web service by personal development

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1. mine

As the title suggests, it’s a rigorous SIer SE. SIer can’t let BP do the programming by throwing it! I was programming normally. As expected, I was not allowed to do it all year long, and I was working on project management and organizational activity improvement, but I did programming as such.

However, since it is a member of a large-scale project, it was difficult to get a feel for the overall system. So, for the reason that I want to think about the whole picture and explain later, I will try to make a system by myself … So, after 10 pm after my daughter went to bed, from 6 am before my daughter woke up I made a web service using about 8 o’clock.

2. Created web service

Service name: “Kashikazi”

https://hwsharing.possumelon.com/ *Supports PC version only

Capture 01.PNG

Capture 02.PNG

A web service that visualizes, manages, and shares the division and progress of housework. It’s not that new, but … Visualization + Housework = Kashikazi *The service name is the one that comes to mind within 10 seconds after starting to think.

I have never studied design, and I do it with a sense of design.

Details of the function will be explained later.

3. What made you create a web service

The reason for creating this service was a fight between a couple. “I have a higher burden of housework and childcare!” I “I don’t think so…” Yome “Then write down all the housework and childcare for each other!” I”…”

I managed to dodge the attack, but at one point I came up with the idea, “How about visualizing it on the system?” When I talk to Yome, “I like it, isn’t it clear?” …So my personal development started.

4. Production period

I started around April, so it’s about 5 months. It took such a long time because the implications of studying were strong. I have a lot of experience working with C# and Java. Therefore, I decided to use the frontside technology that I have never experienced before as a study. I was worried about React and Vue, but I thought Vue was looser and easier to handle (prejudice), so I chose Vue. I also have a long experience with Java, so I decided to try Spring Boot, which I didn’t do much. With various references, I configured Vue for the front and Spring Boot as an API for the back end.

5. Function introduction

Since it was created after studying, there are many functions that have nothing to do with visualization of housework.


Capture 03.PNG

Spring Boot does a good job of authentication.

New user registration

Capture 04.PNG

It is a normal user registration function.

Reset password for those who have forgotten their password

Capture 05.PNG

The server uses AWS, but AWS makes it easy to send emails.

Capture 07.PNG

Search function.

Profile settings

Capture 06.PNG

Upload your own image or write a self-introduction. You can see the information here by searching and selecting it in the user search.

Send and receive messages

Capture 09.PNG

Send and receive messages to other users.


Capture 08.PNG

You cannot become a “friend” unless you apply for a friend and the other party approves it. The following “chats” and “household chores” can only be used by “friends”.


Capture 10.PNG

Well… chat. WebSocket.

Sharing of housework

Capture 11.PNG

This is Honmaru. First, create a category of housework (cleaning, cooking, etc.), and register the tasks that apply to that category (vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning for cleaning, morning lunch, dinner for cooking, etc.). Assign the registered work to the person in charge. Since the difference is visualized here, it will be sharp. Also, the play aspect is strong, but the screens are synchronized.


If you move the work on one screen, the work on the other screen will also move. This is also WebSocket.

After sharing the responsibilities, register the forecasts and facts in the calendar.

Capture 12.PNG

Finish the completed household chores.

Capture 12-2.PNG

Sharing progress

Capture 13.PNG

Report your work status. Somehow I use infinite scrolling.

6. Try to make

Frankly, it was fun. When I had time to spare, I took a leap in my mind, saying, “OK, I can take the time for design and implementation!” It was often overdone and often told by Yome, “Before the visualization of housework, fold the pile of laundry that is visualized in the first place!” If I lived alone, I might have been programming for more than 10 hours a day. It’s just… lonely. Suddenly I wanted to join the community. After all, I haven’t entered it. It might be just me if you could tell me some recommended community.

7. Technology used

I will summarize it.

・Vue (front end) Java (back end) ** ・ Spring Boot (framework) ** MariaDB (database) ・Element (component library) ・Axios (HTTP client) ・GSAP (animation) VeeValidate (error check) ** ・ moment (date processing) ** ・Apache Tomcat (Web/AP server) ・AWS (server, domain acquisition, HTTPS conversion)

8. Finally

I feel that this web service is overloaded with features. It may be good to position it as a loose community site dealing with housework … I think it’s better to specialize it so that it can be used. For visualization of housework, I feel like a service that does just that and does all the analysis from all angles. So this is a start for me. It feels like the engine has started. Therefore, I would like to consider the planning of the next service.

■ Supplement The process by which the SE of Gori Gori’s SE tried hard to release it for the first time in personal development