[Java] Road to Java Engineer Part 1 Introduction & Environment Construction

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Good evening. Is autumn around Kanto today? It was so quiet. It’s easy to spend and studying is easy. And when I look at the calendar, it’s already mid-July. I’m surprised.

Until now, I have been developing applications with Rails.

In the future I was planning to learn Java and Python for employment, “Even if I do more than one suddenly, I get a flat tire.” So I decided to concentrate on learning Java.

The reason is ① One of the most used languages ② It is said that it is more difficult than Ruby Is mentioned.

First of all, I would like to learn the contents of the basic information engineer examination and the basics of Java before getting a job! I will do it by saying!

Study plan (Proceed as much as possible before getting a job)

  • Dot Installation First Java
  • Dot install Java 8 introduction
  • Book purchase or Udemy
  • Personal application development (When employment is decided, will work be prioritized…!)

Goal (by April)

  • Being a Java engineer with basic skills
  • Pass the October Basic Information Technology Engineer Exam

At first I write it as a personal diary, but I hope that it will be a series that will be useful for those who are aiming to become Java engineers one year from now! !!


So first of all, from the environment construction.

① Access the following sites https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html

② Click JDK Download in the center of the following page Image from Gyazo

③ Click Mac OS Installer and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation Image from Gyazo

④ You can run Java with the following command!

javac Myapp.java && java Myapp

I’m looking forward to playing the code after a long time ~ ~.