[Ruby] [Ruby] Calculation results between decimal points are different, different, or not intended

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Details are below.


It is said that it is useless unless BigDecimal is set, One is that it is not used even if it is used in the instance declaration source, probably because BigDecimal uses the same number of digits as the instance source, There is a possibility that you have to calculate by specifying the number of digits in the second argument using .add, .sub, .mult and .div.

Moreover, it was latent due to this existing defect. Prior to that, this change was unclear, so it is not a priority, but For some reason, accuracy may be required in the test, so it will be a flow to ask the client to decide on the response policy by additionally reporting and consulting. (Do not decide on your own)

Well Please note that once the correspondence policy has been confirmed, you have agreed.

As a pitfall for changing the difference from the existing specifications I’ve learned that in the end you’ll be upset with no changes. .. ..

Never again. .. ..