[Ruby] problem with if statement


When I solved the Ruby problem, I was disappointed to see the smartness of the model answer for my answer: confounded :, so I will leave it as a memorandum.


Enter a positive integer. That integer is The difference from multiples of 10 (10,20,30 ...) True if within 2 Other than that, let's create a method that outputs False.

** Output example: ** near_ten(12)→True near_ten(17)→False near_ten(19)→True

My answer


def near_ten(num)
  if num % 10 <= 2
    puts "True"
  elsif num % 10 >= 8
    puts "True"
    puts "False"

Model answer


def near_ten(num)
  quotient = num % 10
  if quotient  <= 2 || quotient >= 8
    puts "True"
    puts "False"


When I saw the model answer, I shouted in my heart that it was ** too smart! (I can't speak out because I'm on the go: unamused :)

Certainly, or" || "It is easy to forget the existence of. .. .. ..

To be honest, the code is correct: sparkles :, but I felt once again that the coolness oozes out depending on how smart: star2: is written. .. ..

Easy to refactor. .. ..

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