What is mark down notation?

Is the format on the upper right? Described in the mark ??? Detailed features Don't put spaces between tabs

To write a good article

Useful articles

Even if you wrote it as a memo for yourself, make it a very valuable article with a little care.

What you want to be aware of

  1. Specific and concise title

ex "Ruby memo"-> "Which of scope and inheritance relationship is prioritized for Ruby constant search? "Memorandum" → "Specific format, difference from 〇, features, peculiarities, similarities"

  1. Explain the environment and prerequisites ex Writing down what version of the software you have and what steps you need to take to execute the code in the article will help later readers decide if it applies to their environment.

os: windows10 ruby 2.2

  1. Write a link to the citation source or reference source

Source: dot.install

** 6/14 Posted: Diverted from guidelines as a sample example for writing https://help.qiita.com/ja/articles/qiita-article-guideline


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