[Java] Use SCORM1.2 Content Verification Tool Reload SCORM1.2 Player

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This is the installation method of “Reload SCORM1.2 Player” which is convenient for verification of SCORM1.2 contents. I think there is too much maniac and there is demand, but I will record it while setting up a new PC.

Reload SCORM1.2 Player Download

http://www.reload.ac.uk/new/scormplayer.html From here, click “Download SCORM 1.2 Player version 1.2.2 cross-platform Install (9.64 mb)” to download and extract the zip file.

※Note When you search with a search engine, old version 1.2.1 pages may be listed high in the search. It has bugs and doesn’t work, so I suggest you go to the top page and get the latest version. Probably, I don’t think it will be upgraded from 1.2.2 anymore.

Download Java

https://java.com/ja/download/ Download it from “Free Java Download” and install it. There are various versions of Java software such as SDK and JDK, but simply installing from here is enough.


If you have Java installed, ```reload-scorm-player.jar

has replaced the Java icon, so double-click it to start it.



Screen that started image.png

that’s all. I will not use this software.