Which is faster, Array # sample or Random # rand?

If you want to loop hundreds of thousands of times in batch processing and choose a random number each time, I was wondering which one is better, ╩╗Array # sample or Random # rand`, so I checked it. ..

Immediately measure below

range = (1..10000)
array = range.to_a
num = 1000000

Benchmark.bm 10 do |r|
  r.report 'Array#sample' do
    num.times do

  r.report 'Random#rand' do
    num.times do

Result is

                 user     system      total        real
Array#sample  0.114216   0.002376   0.116592 (  0.120891)
Random#rand  0.198875   0.001285   0.200160 (  0.206403)

So ╩╗Array # samplewas slightly faster. However, this time I'm passingrange, maybe because I'm doing to_a` internally ...

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