Why you need an email address for user registration

General flow

Many websites take the following steps: 1: Request to enter your email address on the new registration screen ↓ 2: Send an email with a link for official registration to that email address ↓ 3: Fill in the required items on the form that has transitioned from the link ↓ 4: Registration completed

Why do you need to authenticate using email?

Prevent unauthorized registration

If user registration is completed without receiving an email, you can create an infinite number of accounts. In that case, there is a possibility that it will be used illegally, so the aim is to complicate the procedure and prevent unauthorized use.

Check if your email address is valid

To establish a means of contact with users. If the entered e-mail address is incorrect, it will not be possible to establish contact with the user and even tell that "user registration has been completed". Therefore, we are checking whether the e-mail address can be received normally.

Authentication with Rails

It seems to be implemented using a gem called devise to perform login authentication with Rails.

[* Rails *] How to use devise (rails5 version)


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