[Ruby] [Withdrawing from Rails] Creating a simple withdrawal function with rails

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[Rails withdrawal] Create withdrawal function with rails


Model: User model Controller: Users Controller Routing: describe resources :users

Implementation process design before adding functions

(1) Similar to the case where the posting function is added, records are acquired using the User id as a key ② Delete that record using the destroy method

Let’s do it!

messing with Users_controller.rb


class UsersController <ApplicationController
  def destroy
    @user = User.find(params[:id]) # Get information with specific id
    flash[:success] ='The user has been deleted. '
    redirect_to :root #Return to root page if successful

messing with the view


<%= link_to "leave", user_path(current_user.id), class: "destroy-user",method: :delete %>

<%# Here, pass the id of the logged-in user in the argument in (current_user.id)!

That’s it! I couldn’t create an advanced unsubscribe function yet… For the time being! !! Once with this!