[Java] [#3 Java] If you study Java, read this! ~ Careful selection ~

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Clear Java Introduction 3rd Edition From the basics of Java to object orientation, this is a book that explains “Why?” With detailed explanations and abundant illustrations, it is a content that you can learn firmly. The point is that the story is tailored from the beginning to the end, so it is not suitable for examining each item.

This is a thorough strategy series where you can learn the basics of Java SE Bronze in 2 weeks A book taught by a friend working as an inexperienced SE. What is a programming language in the first place? What is Java? Helped me stumbling at: sob:


Java SE API & Documentation At the beginning, I think that sites such as Qiita will be fine when I look it up, but I think that it is best to see the official formula after all because there is a risk that the subjectivity of the poster will come in. Note that you have to look at the documentation that matches your version!

Introduction to Java Let’s feel the joy and pleasure of running Java programs! A site for beginners with the aim of “becoming able to do simple programming in Java”. The basic Java program examples and explanations are carefully described and very easy to understand.

Java Road Java Basic In addition to the explanation of basic knowledge, there is also a FAQ where you can search for solutions based on what you are wondering, what you want to achieve, and errors.

Introduction to Java Code The explanations and source code examples are very easy to see and understand.

These are my personal recommended books and sites to read when studying Java! If you have any other recommendations, please let me know!