[Ruby] A beginner created a portfolio with Ruby on Rails

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This time, I will explain the portfolio that I am creating during my career change. If you have any Adon Bise, etc., thank you.

Development environment

  • Ruby 2.6.3
  • Rails 5.2.3
  • DB: PostgreSQL 12.3
  • AWS/EC2/S3
  • SSL on Route53, ACM, ALB


Comedians who are not selling are doing part-time jobs to live. Entertainers are subject to quotas for selling live tickets they appear in, and are deducted from their salaries if they cannot achieve them. When the salary is deducted and the salary does not come in, it becomes impossible to spend time to polish the art that should be done, and it falls into a negative loop with a part-time job.

Therefore, by selling out live tickets where the entertainer appears, income will stabilize, I think that the probability of hitting as an entertainer increases because more time is devoted to polishing the arts.

Currently, entertainers are making full use of SNS to provide live information and publicity for ticket sales. It’s hard to find because it’s not all on one platform, and those who already know the entertainers can collect live information, but it’s hard to get new customers. I also heard that entertainers participate in many live performances, making schedule management a challenge.

So I created an app called “OWARAIMOVE” this time. https://www.owaraimove.net/

App overview

  • Helps entertainers manage selling free-standing tickets and participating live shows
  • Helping people who want to see an entertainer’s live but don’t know how to find or choose It is an application that matches entertainers who want to purchase live tickets and users who want to participate in the live.

What can you do? (function)


・User registration/edit/unsubscribe function

New registration screen.png It is created using devise. (Before, login function was created from 1 to learn the outline of Session & Cookie)

・Easy login function (test login)

Easy login function.png

A simple login function has been implemented for employment. I thought that if I could log in with the click of a button, it would be easier to see when I was looking for a job.

・Create/edit/delete entertainers

There is a part to check whether you are an entertainer when registering in the application. (See user registration) If you check the entertainer, you can automatically enter the item and create it by moving to the entertainer creation screen. You can edit and delete from the profile like the red circle in the image below. Celebrity detail screen.png

・Create/edit/delete live

Create Live If you are registered as an entertainer, you can create from live creation. Editing and deletion can be performed by clicking the created live. (See the red circle in the image below) Life Detail Screen.png

・Live participation/cancellation

If you or an entertainer who hasn’t attended the show, you can join the show. You can join the live by clicking the red circle in the image below. Life participation / appearance function.png

・Live appearance/cancellation

Entertainers who have not participated/appeared in the currently displayed live can appear in the live. (See above for operation screen)


Responsive Since smartphones are the mainstream, we made them responsive to make them easier to use.

Issue & function you want to add

  • Live survey function
  • Live ticket sales


Thank you for reading the article. In addition, I will update as soon as I add a function.