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[Java] First learning java #3 expressions and operators

less than 1 minute read

What is an expression? public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { int a; int b; a = 20; b =a+5; System.out.println(a); System.out.println(...

[Java] Double-click to open jar file on Windows

less than 1 minute read

Open jar file on windows When I made a jar file for distribution and distributed it, I could easily open it by double-clicking on Mac, but it could not be o...

[Java] Decorator pattern

2 minute read

What is Derocator pattern Decorate the objects.

[Java] Composite pattern

2 minute read

What is the ### Composite pattern? The container and the contents are identified and a recursive structure is created.

[Java] [ev3 × Java] Display, sound, LED control

2 minute read

This article is for people who want to operate ev3 with Java. This time, I would like to use intelligent blocks to display text, make sounds, and control LE...

[Java] Strategy pattern

3 minute read

What is the ###Strategy pattern? Any program is written to solve a problem. And a specific algorithm is implemented to solve the problem. In the Strategy pa...

[Java] Rock Paper Scissors in Java

1 minute read

Fixed [Q&A] Java “variable strA may not be initialized” error cause-Qiita

[Java] Bridge pattern

2 minute read

What is Bridge pattern It bridges between “function class hierarchy” and “implementation class hierarchy”. Wikipedia says it aims to extend the class in mul...

[Java] IntelliJ IDEA success tips

6 minute read

This blog post introduces the Java integrated development environment of IntelliJ IDEA and discusses the secrets of its success.