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[Java] Try calling JavaScript in Java

4 minute read

Introduction This time, I will practice how to use JavaScript in a Java application. There are two ways to practice JavaScript in JSP and practice in Java ...

[Ruby] Test Active Strage with RSpec

less than 1 minute read

Introduction I’m working on an app that allows you to post images using Active Strage. Here is an example of how to write a test at that time.

[Ruby] Object-oriented summary

4 minute read

Preface I will continue to summarize the object-oriented outline. I also struggled to understand object-oriented programming, so I will write it in an easy-...

[Ruby] Logical deletion using Gem paranoia

1 minute read

memorandum Since I used logical deletion when creating my own application this time, I will record it as a memorandum. Since you are a beginner in programm...

[Java] How to use Dozer.mapper

3 minute read

What is Dozer One of Java’s mapping frameworks. Dozer is a mapping framework that uses recursion to copy data from one object to another. The framework can...