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[Java] @PostConstruct

1 minute read

What is @PostConstruct Initialization method Initialization part of the object After creating the object, declare it in the method to be executed to ...

[Java] Use Hystrix and Sentinel in code examples

4 minute read

In this series of articles, I will introduce the open source Sentinel Java flow control project of Alibaba, comparing it with Hystrix.

[Java] Java Stream API

2 minute read

Introduction Java Are you using it! I often write something recently, but I think it has become quite convenient since the implementation of the Stream API....

[Java] ObjectMapper class

1 minute read

What is # Object Mapper ObjectMapper is the main actor class in the Jackson library. The ObjectMapper class provides functionality for reading and writing J...

[Java] About languages to learn

1 minute read

HTML ・Markup language developed to create web pages Other markup languages SGML XML ・Basically, it is structured from elements such as “title”, “headli...

[Java] #3 [Memorandum] do-while statement

2 minute read

Introduction Today’s Tokyo was cloudy, so it was cooler than usual during the day (I think there was 32℃, but…) Today I’m going to write about a do-while st...

[Ruby] Ruby problem⑦

1 minute read

This is the final episode.

[Ruby] rails AWS deployment is not reflected

less than 1 minute read

What to do if AWS deployment is not reflected environment rails 5.2.4 unicorn nginx For those who may not be immediately reflected in AWS when automatically...