[Java] A story about making Dr. Orchid using LINE BOT

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I was thinking that I wanted to create something using LINE’s Messaging API, When I heard that my friend was addicted to Pokemon, I decided to search for Pokemon or get Pokemon at random and create something like competing against other users by total race value.

The created BOT can be added from the URL below. Please try! lin.ee/zmHQYl6


  • Server (2 units)
    • AP server (Nginx)
    • DB server (PostgreSQL)
  • Creation language
    • Java (Spring Boot)
    • Messaging API (API)

What you can do

  • Pokemon search
    • Search by book number
    • Pokemon name search (LIKE search)
  • Random acquisition
    • Random acquisition (1 body)
    • Random acquisition (6)
  • Total Race Value Ranking
    • Successive ranking
    • Monthly ranking
  • Quickness confirmation
    • making

Complete form

  • Pokemon search
    • Search by book number image.png

    • Pokemon name search (LIKE search) image.png

  • Random acquisition (1 body) image.png

  • Random acquisition (6) + Ranking image.png

Great feature

The feature called FlexMessage was great. (Functions used to display search results this time) The layout can be easily created with FLEX MESSAGE SIMULATOR, so you can easily create a layout like that.


Regarding the creation of LINE BOT using the Messaging API, there were no particular points where it got stuck because the official LINE documentation was extensive. Please try it because it’s easy.

Referenced site

Messaging API Reference