[Ruby] A story that I struggled because I could not do Rails db: migrate.

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At one point, when I tried rails db:migrate, StandardError: An error has occurred, all later migrations canceled: An error has occurred.

First do a rake db:reset and then Try to solve it by doing rails db:migrate again,

I can’t even rake db:reset with an error.

Check here if there are any mistakes in the migration file.

But no matter how many times I checked, there was no misspelling.

I searched quite a bit. And at one time,

** “Oh, I’m full-width.” **

Yes, it’s a solution.

When I could not do rails db:migrate, there were misspellings and full-width characters That’s a lot of things I do.

It’s simple, but this time it took me some time to investigate the cause.

I think that beginners, including myself, often get into trouble with migration files. The first time rails has just started I mistakenly deleted the migration file, I fixed it without rolling back … I’m scared

“You must be careful when handling migration files.” I realized again that.