[Java] About languages to learn

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HTML ・Markup language developed to create web pages

  • Other markup languages SGML XML ・Basically, it is structured from elements such as “title”, “headline”, and “paragraph”.
  • There are several types of HTML, such as “HTML”, “XHTML”, and “HTML5”, and there are differences in the tags that can be used.
⑴ Website ⑵ Email (HTML format) ⑶ smartphone application CSS ・Language that changes the design of structured sentences = style sheet language ・Change character thickness, color, background color, adjust margins, etc. ・CSS is used in combination with HTML <= mark language> - It is designed to make the source code easier to read by separating it from HTML and CSS. Java Script ・Language developed by Vrendan-Ike - A programming language that facilitates the interaction between the user's web browser and the website or web service. · A scripting language that can update content, manage multimedia, and much more - Images switch without refreshing the page, search candidates appear while typing, etc. Create dynamic pages = asynchronous processing ・Unlike Java - Can be operated on the client side and server side * Client side: PC, smartphone * Server side: Internet connection server Ruby ・Language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto - Compilation-free scripting language *Compilation: Changing source code into machine instructions ・Abundant Japanese reference ・Object-oriented programming in which all data are expressed as objects ・Effective use of websites and web-based business systems Rails (Ruby on Rails) ・A framework often used in Ruby ・Used for web application development ・Improved efficiency by shortening the development process and unifying the code writing method ・Not good at smartphone apps and machine learning ・WEB site ・EC site ・WEB services, WEB applications