[Java] Add spring boot and gradle to eclipse

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This time let’s add spring boot and gradle.

What is #spring boot? A framework that provides a mechanism for quickly and efficiently developing Java web applications. A framework is a model of a program that is prepared to make programming efficient. The point is to write a program easily.

What is #Gradle? From the wiki

Gradle is an open source build automation system based on the Apache Ant and Apache Maven concepts, where you declare project settings in Groovy-based or Kotlin Script-based domain-specific language (DSL) instead of the XML format used by Apache Maven. Has adopted

Yup. Well I do not know. I found this article very easy to understand (Introduction to Gradle)

There are various things that are useful for development. Gradle-san is the answer to Gradle-san, so it’s a hassle to get one for each one. I think it’s like.

to add

Add from Eclipse Marketplace

  1. Open [Help] => [Eclipse Marketplace]
  2. Enter gradle in serch, search, and press install image.png
  3. Since I can review the license, select I accept and finish
  4. When the installation is complete, you will be asked to restart, so restart and you are done.

You can add plugins in the same way as 1-4, so let’s add spring.

Next time, we will add a convenient plugin for development. Next => Install Plugin in Eclipse