[Java] [Android 9.0 Pie] Example of how to call strings.xml other than Activity and Fragment

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at first

Strings.xml is convenient for managing constants, but make a note of how to call it in a class that does not inherit Activity or Fragment.

Implementation method

I generated a context in a class that inherits from the Application class, and created a function for obtaining constants so that the calling code could be trimmed even a little.


public class Model extends Application {
    private static Context context;

    public void onCreate() {
        context = this;

     * Constant acquisition function
     * You can get constants defined in strings.xml from anywhere
     * @param resId R.string.resId
     * @return String constant
    public static String getConst(int resId) {
        return context.getResources().getString(resId);


<string name="chat_list_delete_button_label">DELETE</string>

The caller can call with the following description


that’s all.

I hope it will be helpful to anyone.