Android app personal development kickoff


I will put together a blog to organize what I have learned. I hope it helps others. I would appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes. Also, if you have any advice, I would appreciate it if you could comment.


Overtime was prohibited and I was looking for a side job, but for the following reasons, I would like to make one achievement by personal development and connect it to a side job

--There are no projects with few working days in C, C ++ (currently owned skills) --Many application development projects --I've always been interested in Android application development ――It is a good opportunity to learn a language other than C


Develop your own app and publish it on the Google Play store.

--Being able to carry out RA ~ IT by yourself --Understanding the knowledge of java required for application development

Language selection for development

From the following candidates, we decided to use Java in consideration of future versatility. (I was at a loss with Koltin.)

Register with Google Play Developer

In order to drive myself, I immediately registered with Google Play Developer, which is necessary to release the app. The cost was $ 25 (about 2,700 yen) only once. (As of June 14, 2020) I referred to the following article. [Registration method] ("")

Reference material

I bought it about 2 years ago, but I don't think the essentials have changed, so I'll use the following. (When I looked it up, it was up to the 4th edition ...) [First Android Programming Revised Edition]("" % AEAndroid% E3% 83% 97% E3% 83% AD% E3% 82% B0% E3% 83% A9% E3% 83% 9F% E3% 83% B3% E3% 82% B0-% E6% 94% B9% E8% A8% 82% E7% 89% 88-% E9% 87% 91% E7% 94% B0-% E6% B5% A9% E6% 98% 8E / dp / 47793391669 ")

Future plans

  1. Preparation
  2. Theme decision
  3. Function identification
  4. Technical survey
  5. UI design
  6. Implementation
  7. Prototyping
  8. Implementation of communication part, etc.
  9. Release
  10. Making icons
  11. Make a store image
  12. App signature

in conclusion

From now on, I would like to summarize the know-how that will be used in application development.

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