[Java] eclipse Java source code input activation setting of auto completion triggers (auto activation triggers)

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eclipse automatic trigger completion

One of the advantages of using eclipse is the auto-completion trigger function when entering Java source code. However, it is effective after inputting “.” in the usual operation, but is there a setting method for more effective use? 01.PNG

Setup steps

eclipse> Window (W)> Settings (P) 02.PNG

Set from Java> Editor> Content Assist> Auto Enable 03.PNG

  • Auto activation delay (ms): 0

```bash: Default value: 0⇒ changed to the following 80

- Java auto activation trigger:.

```bash: Default value: ⇒ Changed to the following
  • Javadoc auto-enable trigger: @#

bash: default value: @# ⇒ can be left as is @#

After clicking “Apply and Close”, let’s enter the Java source code. 04.PNG