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OS is Windows 10 Basically, I have confirmed the operation with sts4, but it should also work with Eclipse and Pleiades. You can find as many shortcuts as you want, but I didn't have a nice site that I could see personally, so I just made a rough table. I'm not sure, but on macOS, if you change Ctrl to command and Alt to option, most of them should work.

In the first place, I have posted the ones that I was happy to use, but I personally added the ones that were particularly easy to use and the ones that I used frequently, so I hope it will be helpful.

In the editor

Copy and delete

Shortcut Key Supplement
Select all Ctrl + A
copy Ctrl + C Select any location
paste Ctrl + V Select any location
cut Ctrl + X Select any location
★ Line copy Ctrl + Alt + ↓ Paste one line down
★ Delete line Ctrl + D
Delete from caret to end of line Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Adjust the appearance of the code

Shortcut Key Supplement
Line by line/Move down Alt + ↑/↓
★ Indentation Ctrl + Shift + F
Indent to the right tab Multiple lines can be selected
Indent on the left Shift + tab Multiple lines can be selected

Improved work efficiency

Shortcut Key Supplement
Template proposal Ctrl + space Code writing assistance. Recommended by Guguru
Import the most recently written class Ctrl + Shift + M
import organization Ctrl + Shift + O Import multiple classes, delete unnecessary imports
★ quick fixes display Ctrl + 1 Fix compilation errors
★ Move to the next warning / error Ctrl + .
Method type change Shift + Alt + C The reference source etc. also changes arbitrarily
Open method call hierarchy Ctrl + Alt + H Press in the definition or on the declaration. ◎ for decoding the code
rename Shift + Alt + R Both variables and methods are possible. The callee also changes
★ Caret movement Ctrl + ←/→ Move word by word, etc. ◎ when combined with Shift
★ Make a comment/return Ctrl + / Select any location
★ Corresponding brackets Ctrl + Shift + P
★ Expansion of selection range/Shrink Shift + Alt + ↑/↓ Automatically selects for each group

Outside the editor

File tab

Shortcut Key Supplement
★ Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Advance what has been returned too much
★ Save file Ctrl + S
Save all files Ctrl + Shift + S
Close file Ctrl + W
Close all files Ctrl + Shift + W
★ Return to the edit tab/move on Alt + ←/→


Shortcut Key Supplement
File search Alt +Press A and F
Java file search Alt + H
★ Search and move to the edit tab Ctrl + E A list of tabs will appear, so select and move
String search Shift + F
Type search Ctrl + Shift + F

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