[Virtualization] Install VMware and build Ubuntu (20.04)


I installed VMware and built an Ubuntu environment. For those who are building a virtual environment for the first time, those who want to use Linux in a virtual environment, etc. I hope you can refer to it.


table of contents

1. Introduction 2. Environment 3. VMware Installation 4. Build Ubuntu

VMware installation

・ VMware installation https://www.vmware.com/jp/products/workstation-player/workstation-player-evaluation.html

① Download VMware from the above page. img1.png (2) Execute the downloaded EXE file to install VMware. Basically the default is fine. For processes not described, click the "Next" button to proceed. img2.png img3.png img4.png img5.png img6.png img7.png img8.png img9.png This completes the VMware installation.

Ubuntu build

-Ubuntu installation https://www.ubuntulinux.jp/home

① Download the Ubuntu ISO file from the above page. img10.png img11.png

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