Nuxt.js × Create an application in Rails API mode

Thing you want to do

Create front with Nuxt.js and API with Rails Post with Postman for the created API

** Development environment ** ruby 2.6.5 Rails node v14.7.0 yarn 1.22.4

Make the front with Nuxt.js

--Create a front application with the name ʻapp` in the directory post-app --Axios is selected to be installed when creating a project

// post-Create a directory called app
$ mkdir post-app
$ cd post-app

//Create an application with nuxt
$ npx create-nuxt-app app

//Select various settings
? Project name: (app)
└ Press Enter button as it is

? Programming language: (Use arrow keys)
❯ JavaScript
└ Select JavaScript

? Package manager:
❯ Yarn
└ Select Yarn

? UI framework: (Use arrow keys)
❯ None
  Ant Design Vue
  Bootstrap Vue
  Chakra UI
  Tailwind CSS
└ Select None

? Nuxt.js modules:
❯◉ Axios
 ◯ Progressive Web App (PWA)
 ◯ Content
└ Select Axios (press the spacebar)

? Linting tools: (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
❯◯ ESLint
 ◯ Prettier
 ◯ Lint staged files
 ◯ StyleLint
└ Press Enter button as it is

? Testing framework: (Use arrow keys)
❯ None
└ Press Enter button as it is

? Rendering mode:
  Universal (SSR / SSG)
❯ Single Page App
└ Select Single Page App

? Deployment target: (Use arrow keys)
❯ Server (Node.js hosting)
  Static (Static/JAMStack hosting)
└ Select Server

? Development tools:
❯◉ jsconfig.json (Recommended for VS Code if you're not using typescript)
 ◯ Semantic Pull Requests
└ jsconfig.Select json (press spacebar)

Change nuxt port number to 8000

Official page

Quoted from the official ▼


export default {
  server: {
    port: 8000, //Default: 3000
    host: '' //Default: localhost
  //Other settings

** Actual description ▼ **


server: {
  port: 8000,

Launch localhost

$ cd app
$ yarn dev

//When the following is displayed, http://localhost:8000/Accessable at

   │   Nuxt.js @ v2.14.7                   │
   │                                       │
   │   ▸ Environment: development          │
   │   ▸ Rendering:   client-side          │
   │   ▸ Target:      server               │
   │                                       │
   │   Listening: http://localhost:8000/

Create an API server with Rails

//API mode, DB makes rails application with MySQL
$ rails new api --api -d mysql

//Make a DB
$ rails db:create
Created database 'api_development'
Created database 'api_test'

Create Model and Controller

//Create a Post Model
$ rails g model Post title:string body:text

$ rails db:migrate

//Create a posts controller in the v1 directory inside the api directory
//Skip the automatic generation of the test directory
$ rails g controller api::v1::posts --skip-test-framework

Routing settings

--Create a routing called / api / v1 / posts


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  namespace :api do
    namespace :v1 do
      resources :posts

Set up PostsController


class Api::V1::PostsController < ApplicationController
  before_action :set_post, only: [:show, :update, :destroy]

  def index
    posts = Post.order(created_at: :desc)
    render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', message: 'Loaded posts', data: posts }

  def show
    render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', message: 'Loaded the post', data: @post }

  def create
    post =
      render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', data: post }
      render json: { status: 'ERROR', data: post.errors }

  def destroy
    render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', message: 'Deleted the post', data: @post }

  def update
    if @post.update(post_params)
      render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', message: 'Updated the post', data: @post }
      render json: { status: 'SUCCESS', message: 'Not updated', data: @post.errors }


  def set_post
    @post = Post.find(params[:id])

  def post_params
    params.permit(:title, :body)

Try posting using Postman

Postman Reference article on how to use --OK if it looks like the following Postman.gif

Check that you can post in the Rails console

//Launch the console
$ rails c

//Check the post
irb(main):001:0> Post.first

It is OK if the same content as Postman is displayed above

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