[RUBY] Output about the method # 2

Method output part 2 argument

In Part 1, I tried using an if statement inside the method.

* This is the previous article. Output about the method 1

This time I'd like to use arguments to make the code a little cleaner!

This is the previous code.


def register
  eraser = 110
  pen = 150
  bill = eraser + pen
  if bill >= 200 #10 for purchases over 200 yen%off!!
    bill * 0.9
  puts register #Call the register method.

this Let's define the numbers for eraser and pen outside the method.


def register
  eraser = 110 #Numerical value here
  pen = 150 #Numerical value here
  bill = eraser + pen
  if bill >= 200
    bill * 0.9
  puts register

Add () after def register and inside it I'll put in eraser and pen.


def register(eraser, pen) #Comma between eraser and pen(,)And half-width space
  # eraser =110 Delete here
  # pen =150 Deleted here
  bill = eraser + pen
  if bill >= 200
    bill * 0.9
  puts register(150, 100) #Put a number here

puts register (150, 100) These two numbers are def register (eraser, pen) Sent here. Each eraser is 150 pen is 100 Will be sent.


def register(eraser, pen)
  bill = eraser + pen
  if bill >= 200
    bill * 0.9

puts register(150, 100)

It's just a little cleaner! (Maybe)

It was today's output. : sweat:

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