Note: Differences from Java as seen from C #

As a memo so as not to forget

Differences from Java as seen from C

● Access modifier Is internal not Java?

● Data types are roughly divided Value type and reference type ↓ Primitive type in Java?

● Use constants const is c #

● Method to convert from character string to number parse method Converted type .parse (number)

● Use numbers as character strings and numbers Tostring number .Tostring (format specifier)

● Clear array You can clear the array with Array.Clear.

Can also be specified Array.Clear(array,1,2)

All Array.Clear(array,0,array.length)

● Array copy Copy To method

Example) ary1.CopyTo(ary2,0)
Copy source sequence name Copy destination sequence name

● Simple copy of Array Clone method

public  RasterImage Clone()

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