A note about Java GC

I was in charge of the stabilization test. I have to report what the GC is doing, but it's an unknown world with no experience at all. That's why I summarized what I googled so as not to be ashamed.

Java VM argument

-verbose:gc -Xloggc:gc.log

How to install GCView

brew install maven
git clone https://github.com/chewiebug/GCViewer.git
cd GCViewer
mvn clean install
java -jar target/gcviewer-1.36-SNAPSHOT.jar


If you just run a simple program and take a GC log, In GCViewer, the time was too short and only vertical lines were displayed. For the time being, I understand how to use it, so it seems to be useful for analyzing GC logs for two days at work.

Reference site

About JavaVM GC log output and GC Viewer

Java development performance improvement! Part 2 GC log analysis and High setting

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