Try using JobScheduler's REST-API --Java RestClient Test class-

Try using JobScheduler's REST-API --Java RestClient Test class implementation--

1. JobScheduler REST-Source for Test class for API.

Save it with the source file name /tmp/kaeru/

Please check this article for the detailed procedure.

Please check here for the sample code of the Client body that is actually used from this class.


package kaeru;

 *Client class for making REST requests (for testing)
 * @author S.Yatabe

import com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;

public class RestTest {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        //Character string to be set in the request body
        String bodyStr = "";

        //Rest-Access Token issued by API
        String autKey = "";

        //Jason Mapper
        ObjectMapper mapper = null;

        //For Jason Perth
        JsonNode root = null;

        //Instance client for basic authentication
        RestClient client = new RestClient( "root", "root" );

        //Rest-First perform Basic authentication to issue API Access Token
        String uri = "http://localhost:4446/joc/api/security/login"; // specify URI

        //Post request execution
        String data = uri, bodyStr, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE, null );

        try {
            //JsonParser generation
            mapper = new ObjectMapper();
            root   = mapper.readTree(data);

            //Get an Access Token
            autKey = root.get( "accessToken" ).asText();

        } catch (JsonParseException e) {
        } catch ( Exception e){

        //Set the issued Access Token and Rest-Execute a query with API

        //Get JobScheduler order list information
        uri = "http://localhost:4446/joc/api/orders/"; // specify URI

        //Generate Request body
        StringBuilder bodyStrBuffer = new StringBuilder();
        bodyStrBuffer.append(" { \"jobschedulerId\": \"scheduler\" }" );
        bodyStr = bodyStrBuffer.toString();

        //Instance a version of the client that embeds an Access Token in HeadeField
        client = new RestClient( null, null );

        //Execute a POST request
        data = uri, bodyStr, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE, autKey );
        System.out.println( data );

        //Easy parsing of Json format data with hierarchical structure
        try {

            //JsonParser generation
            mapper = new ObjectMapper();
            root = mapper.readTree( data );

            //Variable to store return data in Json format
            String job     = "";
            String path    = "";
            String orderId = "";
            String pState  = "";
            String nextStartTime = "";

            //Hierarchically parse the orders node
            for ( JsonNode n : root.get("orders") ) {
                    job            = n.get( "job"     ).asText();
                    path           = n.get( "path"    ).asText();
                    orderId        = n.get( "orderId" ).asText();
                    pState         = n.get( "processingState" ).get( "_text" ).asText();
                    nextStartTime  = "";
                    if ( n.get( "nextStartTime" ) != null ){
                        nextStartTime = n.get( "nextStartTime" ).asText();

                    //Result output
                    System.out.println( "[orderId]: " +orderId+ " [job]: " +job+ " [path]: "
                     +path+ " [status]: "+pState+ " [nextStart]: "+nextStartTime );


        } catch (JsonParseException e) {
        } catch ( Exception e){

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