[JAVA] Install Amazon Corretto JDK with SDKMAN!

Click here for the SDKMAN! Installation page

# Amazon Corretto
sdk i java 8.0.202-amzn

#Incidentally, in the case of Azul Systems' OpenJDK
sdk i java 8.0.201-zulu

sdk list java
Available Java Versions
     13.ea.02-open       1.0.0-rc-11-grl                                        
     12.ea.26-open       1.0.0-rc-10-grl                                        
     11.0.2-zulu         1.0.0-rc-9-grl                                         
     11.0.2-open         1.0.0-rc-8-grl                                         
 > * 8.0.201-zulu                                                               

+ - local version
* - installed
> - currently in use

#Where are you in?
#If you do which java, a symbolic link will appear. It's just like switching folders.
#↓ Symbolic link to the set entity
# /home/daijin/.sdkman/candidates/java/current

With IntelliJ IDEA, there is an SDK specification for each project, but if you specify a symbolic link using SDKMAN, it is convenient because you do not have to reset it for each update ^ ^

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