Let's touch on Java

What is Java

C++And a programming language developed based on C language(Compiler language)
“Google's three major languages ​​(Java, C) used by Google for development++, Python) ”

What can be developed

・ Web application ・ Web service
・ Desktop application
・ Smartphone app
・ Embedded system
・ IoT...

Ruby and PHP are for beginners, relatively easy to handle, and even for small scale Java is a bit complicated, but you can create programs in a very wide range of fields.

Benefits of Java

・ Any execution environment
・ Execution speed is fast and stable
・ High security
・ Extensibility and reusability
・ Memory automatic management function

Disadvantages of Java

・ You need to get used to object orientation
・ For small programs and systems, it takes time.

Cool slogan

Write once, run anywhere
(Once you write the program, it works on any computer)

Next time, we will build the environment! !!

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