[RUBY] The migration file is duplicated

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** Migration file is duplicated ** It's a guy who is addicted to beginners who are just starting out! ... Yes, I did it. ⇨ ** The solution is to erase one. that's all. ** **

Migration file

● The migration file is a blueprint of the table when chewed. It is used when creating and updating a table during rails db: migrate. Once used, the migration file will not be used unless the table is updated and generated again. You can actually delete it without any problem.

● Can I really delete it? ** If you will never use the information written there **, you can delete it. Table changes are made many times during development. If there is no migration file at that time, the computer will not be able to read the table and an error will occur even if it was there before. Also, the table used in the development environment cannot be used in the production environment, and it is often the case that the DB in the production environment is installed and the table is reassembled, so it is important that there is no migration file at the production stage. It's been a long time, but the conclusion is ** I'm relieved even if I don't use it anymore **.

● If you double Even if the migration file is duplicated, I am worried that if I delete it, I will not be able to create a table (I became myself). However, in this case, there are only two identical design documents, so even if one is used, it will not change, and there are not as many tables as there are migration files, so please delete one with confidence.


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