[Java] About Java 12 features


-As you can see in OpenJDK official website, you have reached the "Release-Candidate Phase" phase. --Scheduled to be released on 2019/03/19 ――I would like to summarize the features.


189: Added algorithm "Shenandoah" to shorten the GC pause time * Experimental stage?

--Shenandoah will be newly added to the GC algorithm. It seems to reduce the GC downtime by running in parallel with the running thread. --Details of the algorithm can be found on this page (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306112816_Shenandoah_An_open-source_concurrent_compacting_garbage_collector_for_OpenJDK).

230: Bundled with JMH

--It seems that JMH (Java Micro Benchmark Harness), which was provided separately from the JDK, is included in the JDK. --It seems that the existing JMH with added functions is not bundled.

325: Expanded Switch statement functionality

--The switch statement has been expanded. --The following is quoted from the official website

Traditional switch statement

switch (day) {
    case MONDAY:
    case FRIDAY:
    case SUNDAY:
    case TUESDAY:
    case THURSDAY:
    case SATURDAY:
    case WEDNESDAY:

Extended switch statement

switch (day) {
    case MONDAY, FRIDAY, SUNDAY -> System.out.println(6);
    case TUESDAY                -> System.out.println(7);
    case THURSDAY, SATURDAY     -> System.out.println(8);
    case WEDNESDAY              -> System.out.println(9);

――It's now easier to read because you can write simple things.

334: JVM Constants API --It seems that the java.lang.invoke.constant package has been added.

340: Removed arm64 source code

--It is said that arm64 has been deleted from the source code of Port for ARM64bit. --Since it was duplicated with the source of aarch64, it seems that the purpose is to reduce the burden on the developer.

341: CDS archive defaulting

--Support for 64-bit version only --It seems that the default class list has been changed to be used as a simplification of the CDS archive generation work. --This shortens the startup time. It is possible to save the trouble of having the user execute "-Xshare: dump".

344: Allow mixed GC to stop

--It seems that you can cancel the Mixed GC of G1.

346: G1 Garbage Collector Enhancement

--It seems that the G1 garbage collector has been strengthened to automatically return the heap memory to the OS when idle.


The articles on the following site are well organized. https://japan.techrepublic.com/article/35134682.htm

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