[RUBY] [Rails] Push transmission with LINE Bot


Push LineBot from Rails It is a guy who sends at any time as shown below Screenshot_20200912-131255.png

Creating a LINE Bot

There are many articles, so please refer to them. For example, there is the following article

The world's most easy-to-understand explanation of how to make a LINE BOT (1) [Account preparation]

Push from Rails with LINE Bot

  1. Please install the library line-bot-api with Gemfile
  2. ʻENV ["LINE_CHANNEL_SECRET"] and ʻENV ["LINE_CHANNEL_TOKEN "] must be set on the server side such as heroku. I will explain after this
  3. You can check your user_id from Channel Preferences-> Your User ID.
  4. push_message is the part to push with linebot


class LinebotController < ApplicationController  
    require 'line/bot'  # gem 'line-bot-api'  
    def client  
      @client ||= Line::Bot::Client.new { |config|  
        config.channel_secret = ENV["LINE_CHANNEL_SECRET"]  
        config.channel_token = ENV["LINE_CHANNEL_TOKEN"]  
    def push
            type: 'text',
            text: "hello"
        user_id =  '[User ID of the destination LINE account]'
        response = client.push_message(user_id, message)


Deploy Rails app on heroku

There are many articles on deploying Rails apps, please refer to them. For example, there is the following article

Procedure to deploy Rails app on Heroku

At this time, be sure to set channel basic settings-> channel secret, Messaging API settings-> channel access token to heroku as shown below.

$ heroku config:set LINE_CHANNEL_SECRET="[Channel secret]"
$ heroku config:set LINE_CHANNEL_TOKEN="[Channel access token]"


Execute the action push of linebot_controller.rb of Rails application deployed on heroku I was able to push "hello" as shown below Screenshot_20200912-131255.png

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