[JAVA] About the language to be learned

HTML -Markup language developed to create web pages

⑴ Website ⑵ Email (HTML format) ⑶ Smartphone app

CSS ・ Language that changes the design of structured sentences = style sheet language -Change the thickness and color of characters, change the background color, adjust the margins, etc. ・ Use CSS in combination with HTML <= markup language> -It is a mechanism to make the source code easier to read by separating it into HTML and CSS.

Java Script ・ Language developed by Mr. Vrendan-Ike -A programming language that facilitates the interaction between the user's web browser and the website or web service. A scripting language that can update content, manage multimedia, and much more ・ Images are switched without refreshing the page, search candidates appear during input, etc. Create moving pages = asynchronous processing ・ Different from Java ・ Can be operated on the client side and server side

  • Client side: PC, smartphone
  • Server side: Internet connection destination server

Ruby ・ Language developed by Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto -Compiling-free scripting language

  • Compilation: Changing the source code to machine instructions ・ Abundant Japanese references -Object-oriented programming in which all data is expressed as an object ・ Efficient use of websites and web-based business systems

Rails(Ruby on Rails) ・ Framework often used in Ruby ・ Used for WEB application development ・ Efficiency is improved by shortening the development process and unifying the code writing method. ・ I am not good at smartphone apps and machine learning

・ Website ・ EC site ・ WEB service, WEB application

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