[Java] New Thread generation method (2)

Following # ①

Since ① is a method of inheritance, there are various inconveniences in use. Instead, method (2) will be used more often when creating threads.

Method (2): Create a thread using a class that implements the Runnable interface

As a step:

-Create a subclass that implements the runnable interface -Override of run () method -Instantiate the created runnable class -Create a new Thread instance with the Thread constructor using the generated runnable instance as an argument. -Call the start () method on the Thread instance

I actually wrote it: public class ThreadTest2 implements Runnable{

public void run(){
	for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++){

System.out.println ("Print from new thread"); } } }

public class Sample2 {

public void main (String[] args){
	ThreadTest2 th1 = new ThreadTest2();
	Thread thread = new Thread(th1);


The point here is Thread thread = new Thread(th1);

The above code is a method to create a new thread by using the constructor of Thread class. A new Thread class can be created by using a class that implements the runnable interface as an argument.

Thread(Runnable target) Assign a new Thread object.

If the Thread class can be newly created, the rest is the same as ①, just start the thread with the start () method and let the scheduler execute it.

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