[RUBY] [Rails] Introduction of devise Basics

A gem for user management in Rails apps, The basic procedure for introducing "devise" Introduced as a memorandum.

1. Add devise to Gemfile

Described in the bottom line.


gem 'devise'

Run ** bundle instrall **.

2. Apply devise


rails g devise:install

3. Create a user model with devise specifications

Unlike the normal model creation command, it is a devise-specific command, Create a User model.


rails g devise user

After execution, "devise_for: users" is added to the routing, It seems that login and new registration will generate the required routing.

◉ Continue to execute.


rails db:migrate

4. Allow new registration / login

Create a button for "new registration" and "login" in the header etc. Due to the ** user_signed_in? Method **, the display will be different when you are not logged in than when you are logged in.


    - if user_signed_in?
      = link_to "New post", new_post_path, class: "btn"
      = link_to "Log out", destroy_user_session_path, method: :delete, class: "btn"
    - else
      = link_to "Login", new_user_session_path, class: "btn"
      = link_to "sign up", new_user_registration_path, class: "btn"

Create a view for devise

Display the screen for actually entering registration and login information.

rails g devise:views

Up to this point, registration → login → logout has been implemented.

That is all. Thank you for visiting.

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