How to lower java version

How to downgrade Java

Unless you want to have multiple Javas coexist, you should remove the Java you have just installed. ** (Because even if you install the old version, the Java you normally use will be the new version) **

* To use multiple Java properly

If you want to switch as needed, you need to change the environment variables. See below for details How to use multiple Java properly

■ How to delete Java you are using

  1. Select "Control Panel"-> "Programs and Features"
  2. Find Java in the list of programs
  3. Right-click and execute "Uninstall"

This will uninstall the selected Java.

■ How to install the old version of Java (JDK / JRE)

Go to the following and download the required version of the java file To java download page

Since it has the following form, download java suitable for the OS required this time

Windows x86 138.35 MB jdk-7u80-windows-i586.exe Windows x64 140.09 MB jdk-7u80-windows-x64.exe

The "Java Runtime Environment (JRE)" contains only the Java execution environment. The "Java Development Kit (JDK)" includes packages for developers in addition to the JRE.

■ Execute the downloaded file and

After that, if you follow the instructions on the screen, Java installation is complete!

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