[RUBY] How to display the select field of time_select every 30 minutes


I'm creating an app with Rails and want to use time_select to enter the time, but it was difficult to use in 1 minute increments by default, so I made it in 30 minute increments.


First of all, the current situation

= f.time_select :end, {}, class: 'content__main__box__field__select'

In this case, in addition to the display every minute, the current time is automatically entered in the select column.

= f.time_select :end, {:include_blank => true, :minute_step => 30}, class:'content__main__box__field__select'

Now you can only select 00 minutes and 30 minutes, and the current time is not automatically entered in the select column, it is completely blank.

I learned the importance of ** Guguru Power ** again! Lol Even if I searched, it didn't hit well and it took a long time ...

I study every day.

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