[Ruby] Calculation by extracting elements from an array

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I should continue ... Then the main subject

Calculate by extracting elements from an array

Today's post also challenges the second problem I solved before ... This time, "Add the numbers in the array. However, the same numbers in the array are excluded from the calculation. The same numbers are excluded, so if all the numbers are the same, it will be 0."

Put it out like this.

So, I thought that I should take out the duplicated elements and add them, and thought "Is it possible to use the uniq method and sum?", But I tried using it, but I could not get the result.

Briefly explain the uniq method

uniq method Suppose you have the following array a = [1,1,1,2,3,4,5,5,5] Use uniq to remove duplicate numbers and return a new array p a.uniq => [1,2,3,4,5]

Reference uniq method official reference

Sure, I was able to remove the duplication, but ... Although the duplicated numbers were neat, one of them remained and they were added together, so the result was not as expected.

See the answer

def number(nums)
 new_array=[] #For putting the removed array into a new array

 nums.each do |num|
  i = 0
  nums.each do |n| 
   if num == n 
    i += 1
#①[4,5,4]Then, first of all, "num=4,5,4 "
#The first num is "num=4 and n becomes "n"=4,5,4 "
#Then num is "num"=5 ”and n becomes“ n ”=4,5,4」
#Finally num is "num"=4 and n becomes "n"=4,5,4」
#Counted when num and n are the same number (when they overlap)

  if i < 2
   new_array << num
#If the count of i is 1, the condition is met, so[new_array]Is added to the array.
#If i count is 2, the condition is not met(4 is[i=2]Becomes)

  sum = 0
  new_array.each do |i|
    sum += i
#new_array Total in array

  puts sum #output

① number([4,5,4]) => 5
② number([3,4,3,6,7,9,3,2,5]) => 33 

I thought about whether it could be made simpler, but I could only think of doing my best and using the sum method for the final calculation.

puts new_array.sum

Like this

I would appreciate it if you could comment if it is easier to put out or if there is another way even if it is not easy.

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