[JAVA] Get TypeElement and TypeMirror from Class

In Annotation Processing, the class to be processed can be handled only by Element and TypeMirror, and cannot be handled as Class. Therefore, when comparing with a class that is not the processing target (determining whether the target class inherits a specific class, etc.), it is necessary to obtain TypeElement or TypeMirror from Class. If you can get TypeElement, you can get TypeMirror with ╩╗Element # asType ()`, so if you can get TypeElement from Class, it will be solved.

The method to use is java.lang.model.util.Elements # getTypeElement (CharSequence name) java.lang.model.util.Elements is an interface. You can get an instance with ProcessingEnvironment # getElementUtils (). Therefore, you can get it by referring to processingEnv in the class that inherits AbstractProcessor. So the code looks like this: By the way, Java is Java 8.


Elements elementUtils = processingEnv.getElementUtils()
TypeElement element = elementUtils.getTypeElement("java.lang.String")


val elementUtils = processingEnv.elementUtils
val element = elementUtils.getTypeElement("java.lang.String")

The element is now a TypeElement of the java.lang.String class.

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