[RUBY] Search function using [rails] ransack

This time I used ransack to implement the search function. I was a little worried, so I will write an excerpt.

To search the data saved by ActiveHash

This is the challenge this time. Well, when I think about it later, I could do it normally .. I will record it for the time being.

gem 'ransack'

After installation, do bundle install to restart the server.

First, define it like this in the application controller


def search
      @search= Pet.ransack(params[:q]) #Generate search object
      @[email protected]

I am searching with this. I'm looking for a pet in the Pet table using the key (: q). @search= Pet.ransack(params[:q])


<%= search_form_for @search,url: search_pets_path do |f| %>

<div class="search-field">
        <%= f.label :bleed_id_eq, 'Type selection' %>
        <%= f.collection_select :bleed_id_eq, Bleed.all, :id, :name, include_blank: 'unspecified'%>

Note url: search_pets_path If this is not done, an error will occur.

_eq is a method to perform a search that meets the conditions. Do not mistake the third argument as: id.

It's done. It's pretty easy. w I was able to do it while applying various arguments and exploring lol

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