Try implementing GraphQL server in Java

Hello. Personally, I had the opportunity to implement a GraphQL server in Java, so this time I would like to write about that finding. This article is the 18th day article of GraphQL Advent Calendar 2020.


This article does not provide an overview of GraphQL or a description of the Spring Boot and its peripheral libraries used in its implementation. I think that those who know them to some extent will be the target, but since I have not written anything so difficult, I think that you can probably understand it in the atmosphere.

Find a library

First, find the libraries you need to implement your GraphQL server.

Two were found. Both seem to be usable in combination with Spring Boot. Looking at the implementation example of GraphQL Resolver, GraphQL Java Kickstart seemed to be simpler to write, so I will use this one this time.

Looking at the GraphQL Java Kickstart README,

This project wraps the Java implementation of GraphQL provided by GraphQL Java.

It wraps GraphQL Java. Is written. So that's it.

Decide which function to implement

Next, decide which features to implement using GraphQL. This time, I decided to implement the basic functions using Query, Mutation, and Subscription. The use cases of the function are roughly as follows.

Configure the project

Now let's create an application. Create a project with Spring Initializer as a template. Only Lombok is added here because we will add the necessary dependencies later. spring_initializer.png

Create an application

build.gradle First, modify build.gradle.

Add com.graphql-java-kickstart: graphql-spring-boot-starter to dependency. Also add com.graphql-java-kickstart: graphiql-spring-boot-starter to test the API on GraphQL. In addition, the dependencies of io.projectreactor: reactor-core, spring-actuator, and micrometer-registry-prometheus have been added. The former is for Subscription implementation and the latter is for Metrics acquisition.


plugins {
	id 'org.springframework.boot' version '2.4.1'
	id 'io.spring.dependency-management' version '1.0.10.RELEASE'
	id 'java'

sourceCompatibility = '11'

configurations {
	compileOnly {
		extendsFrom annotationProcessor

repositories {

dependencies {
	implementation 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphql-spring-boot-starter:8.0.0'
	runtimeOnly 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphiql-spring-boot-starter:8.0.0'
	// To embed GraphiQL tool
	implementation 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphiql-spring-boot-starter:8.0.0'
	// For subscripion
	implementation 'io.projectreactor:reactor-core:3.4.1'
	// For metrics
	implementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-actuator'
	implementation 'io.micrometer:micrometer-registry-prometheus:1.6.0'

	compileOnly 'org.projectlombok:lombok'
	annotationProcessor 'org.projectlombok:lombok'

application.yml Next, create application.yml.


# 1. To enable graphiql
  mapping: /graphiql
    graphql: /graphql
# 2. To enable graphql metrics
    actuator-metrics: true
# 3. To enable to get metrics of spring-actuator from /actuator/prometheus
        include: health,metrics,prometheus

schema.graphqls Create schema.graphqls to define the GraphQL schema. Register schema.graphqls under src/main/resources/graphsql.


type Query {
    bookById(id: ID): Book
    books: [Book]!

type Book {
    id: ID
    name: String
    pageCount: Int

type Mutation {
    registerBook (
        id: ID
        name: String
        pageCount: Int
    ): Book

type Subscription {
    subscribeBooks: Book!

Java Model GraphQL Java requires Java classes defined in the schema. First, create a Java Model for Book Type.

public class Book {
    private String id;
    private String name;
    private int pageCount;

Resolver Next, create a Resolver that implements Query, Mutation, and Subscription. It is necessary to create the following implementation classes for each, and make the query name defined in the schema and the implemented method name the same. Also, the implementation class is registered as a Spring Bean.

DataProvider and IBookProcessor are your own classes. Perform the following processing.

public class BookResolver implements GraphQLQueryResolver,
                                     GraphQLSubscriptionResolver {
    private final DataProvider dataProvider;
    private final IBookProcessor bookProcessor;

     * Query: Get all books.
    public List<Book> books() {
        return dataProvider.books();

     * Query: Retrieve a book by id.
    public Book bookById(String bookId) {
        return dataProvider.bookById(bookId);

     * Mutation: Register a book.
    public Book registerBook(String id, String name, int pageCount) {
        final Book book = new Book(id, name, pageCount);

        // Emit an event for subscription.
        return book;

     * Subscription: Publish an event that a book is registered.
     * Need to return Publisher on reactive-streams.
    public Publisher<Book> subscribeBooks() {
        return bookProcessor.publish();

     * Error handler. can handle an throwable that occurs in resolver execution.
    GraphQLError handle(Throwable e) {
        log.error("Failed to execute resolver.", e);
        return new ThrowableGraphQLError(e, "Failed to execute resolver.");

I tried to make it easy to understand. service_image.png

Run the application

Run the application you created. Start the SpringBoot application, access the GraphQL endpoint (http: // localhost: 8080/graphiql) with a browser, and execute Query.

  1. Execute the above Subscription.
  2. Open another browser and execute Mutation.
  3. The information of the registered book is displayed in the result of Subscription.

Metrics were also collected correctly. I use a tool called Metricat on the following site for graphing.

If you set the prometheus endpoint of spring-actuator (http: // localhost: 8080/actuator/prometheus) to the Prometheus exporter URL of Metricat and then execute the query with GraphiQL, the following graph will be displayed. I will.



So far, we have described how to implement GraphQL server in Java. The implemented code is just a sample code level, but it was easy to develop such as Resolver, and it was not bad for usability.

I have no plans to use it in practice yet, but I've listed some points that I'm curious about when I imagine using it in practice.

The source code used is registered on the following GitHub. I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

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