What is java

I would like to write about java, which has many scenes of deep-rooted activity.

What is java

It is a programming language that mainly inherits the syntax of C language,

It is versatile and does not depend on the OS, so it is also active on the server side. It is also possible to build an app on android and feature phones.

java development

JDK (Java Development Kit) is used for development. You can download it from the Java site.

Link: JDK

Benefits of java

It is characterized by great merits.

Versatile and OS independent

Because it's fundamentally platform independent It is a language that can be operated on Windows, Linux, etc. regardless of the OS.

Object oriented

Because you can manage the program in detail Efficiency such as team development will increase.

Processing speed is fast

Because it is a compiler language that requires compilation to start It is characterized by faster processing speed than languages such as Ruby, PHP, and Python.

Compiler language

A language that translates programs into a computer-understandable format. To translate the source code into object code before compiling It's faster than an interpreted language.

Interpreted language

A language that executes programs while interpreting them. However, it is a little slower than the compiler language.

Disadvantages of Java

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