[JAVA] How to install Play Framework 2.6 for Mac

The other day, I introduced the play framework for the first time, but I didn't know how to do it, so I will summarize it. In my case, the JDK was installed and the path was registered, so I will write on that assumption.


  1. Install play framework
  2. Run the app
  3. Change the execution status of the file
  4. Challenge to execute again

Play framework download

Download from here. https://www.playframework.com/download In my case it was Java Play 2.6.x Starter Projects/Play Java Starter Example I downloaded.

Run the app But ...

Move the downloaded folder in the terminal to the answer location. So run stb run.

However, at first, ** I don't have the right to execute the file **, so the following error occurs.

1st time

-bash: ./sbt: Permission denied

Second time

./sbt: line 3: ./sbt-dist/bin/sbt: Permission denied

This is basically a ** state where the files ** ./sbt and ./sbt-dist/bin/sbt do not have execute permission **.

Change the execution of the file

So, change the execution right of the above two files of the file with chmod from the terminal from rwrwx. I referred to the following for the concept of execution rights and how to change them. -Linux permission confirmation and change (for super beginners) https://qiita.com/shisama/items/5f4c4fa768642aad9e06

Challenge to execute again

I changed the run right and ran ./sbt run again and it worked! It seems that it takes about 20 minutes to load ... After loading, run http: // localhost: 9000 on your web browser and the sample app will work!

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